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My Unreal Journey through Video Game Development

Vector Fields

There is a new 3dsmax macroscript that exports vector fields into UE4!

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I've been doing nothing but explosions for a week now... Oh and I finally started using UE4 :)

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Heat is the enemy

Do you have a laptop? Clean your air vents!

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Sequencer Module

This weekend, I started work on a sequencer panel display. The display uses a 4x16 pixel bitmap to represent the sound pattern in a drum loop. Material parameters allow you to reset the loop, change the tempo and mute/unmute the individual parts.

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Metronome Shader and Kismet Network

Shader Network, Kismet Network and first video showing substantial progress.

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Music Mash-up Game Design Doc

I created a quick game design document to guide me through the rapid development of a music mash-up game demo.

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Quad Channel Synco-tronic ReMixinator 2000

My first blog post ever! and the first entry documenting my latest project.

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